3 Fierce Festival Outfits That Are Actually Practical

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We are at the peak of festival season, with every other weekend being dedicated to either a yoga retreat, a drum n bass rave or a pop extravaganza. We all want to look our best, obviously, but with this crazy weather, which can go from stormy to windy to the fires of hell, it’s important to dress in a way the will keep us warm and ventilated at the same time; with a place to hold our phones (can’t have it without our IG stories) and also prevent that horrible thigh chafing. All of that, while looking straight out of a magazine. Is that too much to ask? We think not.

The Basic Bitch

Nothing wrong with being basic from time to time. In fact, the most basic items in your closet, when using the right accessories, can create an impactful statement. These jean shorts are a festival staple, but the high waisted silhouette gives it a modern twist. Plus, you can be sure that your thighs are protected, as well as your bum when you inevitably sit on the ground. Pair it with a graphic tee for the ultimate rock n roll look, or with a linen crop-top for a softer, summery vibe. A cool, wide brim hat is also a nice touch.

The Lana Del Ray

Who doesn’t like to look carefree and effortless, like the true epidemy of the flower girl? Like you just threw something on and it turned out amazing (even though we know you’ve been in front of the mirror for hours). Wear this floral playsuit that will keep you nice and chill during those hot toilet queues, and match it with a fanny pack to take care of the pocketless situation. For a truly Lana Del Ray inspired look, add a flower crown into the mix.

The Beach Ready Lady

Whether you’ll be spending your festival days in Ibiza or in Berlin, the beach look will always be in fashion, while providing you with the most comfort. Throw this printed kaftan over a swimsuit or jeans and t-shirt, for chillier weather and add these vintage sunglasses so you can eye the pretty boys without being noticed. This practical backpack should easily hold a bottle of water, as well as a bottle of beer.

Enjoy the festival!